Aqua Vision Friend Nanotechnology

AquaVisionFriend is a product family developed by Cieffe31 based on groundbreaking state-of-the-art nanotechnology, more specifically a system which allows for remarkable enhancement in terms of safeguarding stone and glass surfaces, with applications in the area of energy and sustainable development, as well as ensuring total protection, cleanliness and yield recovery for many years of the support onto which it is applied. The AquaVisionFriend nanotechnology consists in a silicon dioxide-based compound, i.e. a totally transparent molecule with cutting-edge characteristics which allow for protection against external elements without being affected by ageing caused by UV rays.



The use of AquaVisionFriend in photovoltaic installations has a significant dual advantage: on the one hand, it helps yield recovery thanks to the increase by about 2 - 4% in solar energy absorption; on the other side it enhances the module’s rated power. Following our nanotechnology treatment, dirt particles no longer stick to the surface, which leads to significantly cutting - or even reducing to zero (depending on environmental conditions) – the costs for module cleaning.


Treating glass and marble surfaces with the AquaVisionFriend nanotechnology produces immediate results from the point of view of appearance (clean and shiny surfaces), as well as helping save costs (noticeable reduction in the need for maintenance and cleaning). On marble and stone, our specific product (AVF-M) helps protect the relevant surfaces from pollution (caused by smog, metal oxides) and from vandalism (graffiti and writings), because it can be removed safely and effectively, and most importantly without damaging the underlying surface, as happens with mechanical removal instead.


The AquaVisionFriend nanotechnology is extraordinary also on metals. A number of tests are proving its great effectiveness and outstanding performances on metals, also if pre-painted or painted, for example in farming machinery which easily gets dirty, ovens and cooking equipment, etc. It has also been demonstrated that treatment with the AquaVisionFriend nanotechnology prevents any formation of rust.


Several tests have demonstrated the high level of protection guaranteed by this molecule against colour and chemical alterations caused by atmospheric agents such as metal oxides, smog, and oxidation processes in general. Also on door and window frames its economic and aesthetic advantages are easily verifiable.

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Its extraordinary advantages



Because its use contributes to substantially cutting maintenance expenses



Treatment with eco-sustainable products remove the need to use detergents and other chemical cleaning agents and drastically cut down the use of water, a primary asset to be preserved.



Aesthetically appealing because dirt does not stick and surfaces look shinier and cleaner.

The Company

Cieffe31 was founded with the goal of using and spreading the innovative nanotechnology AquaVisionFriend, a system which enables users to obtain significant results in terms of protecting stone and glass surfaces in general, improving energy efficiency and promoting sustainable development.



Thanks to ongoing research and development, Cieffe31's products have proven to be unique on the market and particularly effective in the construction and energy sectors and in various fields of application.

Make Yourself

Make Yourself

Cieffe31 holds training courses at customers' facilities to train specialized and certified technicians to properly and efficiently use its products.



Our company's intense focus on personalized customer service entails a detailed investment plan provided by Cieffe for each application, clearly demonstrating results and advantages.

Eco-sustainable solutions

Eco-sustainable solutions

In terms of environmental protection, Cieffe31 is always at the forefront of providing eco-sustainable solutions particularly for the construction and energy sectors.

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